commonsense &irony

(by Donna Haraway )

This chapter is an effort to build an ironic political myth faithful to feminism, socialism, and materialism . Perhaps more faithful as blasphemy is faithful, than as reverent worship and identification. Blasphemy has always seemed to require taking things very seriously. I know no better stance to adopt from within the secular religious, evangelical traditions of United States politics, including the politics of socialist feminism . Blasphemy protects one from the moral majority within, while still insisting on the need for community. Blasphemy is not apostasy.

Irony is about contradictions that do not resolve into larger wholes, even dialectically, about the tension of holding incompatible things together because both or all are necessary and true. Irony is about humour and serious play . It is also a rhetorical strategy and a political method, one I would like to see more honoured within socialist feminism. At the centre of my ironic faith, my blasphemy, is the image of the cyborg.

  • Private Irony and Liberal Hope
    by Richard Rorty

  • Cyborg Manifesto
    by Donna Haraway

  • Difference & Repetition
    by Gilles Deleuze

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