- A Tribute
"No ma'am, I don't rob the passengers.
I'm only after Wells Fargo."
WANTED for crimes against humanity and Wells Fargo & Co.

This page was inspired by Wells Fargo Bank, who 'held' a check of mine for 11 days, while at the same time assessing me a 'service charge' which overdrew my account and proceeded to assess me overdraft and transfer fees. The spirit of Black Bart Lives! - dsb

"Please throw down the box!"

"I've labored long and hard for bread
for honor and for riches
But on my corns too long you've tred
You fine haired sons of Bitches
-- Black Bart, the Po8" (1)

"here I lay me down to sleep
to wait the coming morrow
perhaps success perhaps defeat
and everlasting Sorrow
let come what will I'll try it on
My condition can't be worse
and if theres money in that box
Tis munny in my purse
-- Black Bart, the Po8" (2)

"No, don't get out.
I never bother the passengers."

"Sure hope you have a lot of gold in that strongbox,
I'm nearly out of money."

The Story of Charles Bole s aka BB - Fact and Legend. Shadows of the Past, Inc.

Adventures of Wells Fargo


Wells Fargo & Cos Express - Robbers Record:

July 26, 1875 - Sonora to Milton stage in Calaveras Co.

Complete List, SPT