Clarksburg Chenin Blanc should be THE wine of Sacramento summers! It can be made into a crisp, dry wine with notes of light honey, stone fruits, melon... a perfect pair for Sacramento summers and the local harvest. It's our baby... it's local, sustainable and delicious... a wine Sacramento should embrace.

It is known that you want your Chenin Blanc to come from one of 3 regions in the world: 1) the Loire Valley in Northern France, 2) South Africa, and 3) Clarksburg, California." Yet, vineyards are having to pull out their vines to replace with Chardonnay. We hope to introduce this elegant wine that is produced locally to keep our 'heritage grape' alive!

Aromatic whites cast a spell - SF Chronicle, Jon Bonné Clarksburg Chenin makes the list! Blue Plate makes a list of heavy hitters!!! Husch, Willakenzie, Etude, and Blue Plate!!! Congratulations!

Slow Foods - Ark of Taste
Chenin Blanc should receive status as a heritage product. Qualifications:
• Outstanding in terms of taste—as defined in the context of local traditions and uses
• At risk biologically or as culinary traditions
• Sustainably produced
• Culturally or historically linked to a specific region, locality, ethnicity or traditional production practice
• Produced in limited quantities, by farms or by small-scale processing companies

Grant explains the vineyard basics - Vineyard Walk blog/video/you tube
Quick tour of Wilson Vineyards' Chenin Blanc with Grant of Picnic Wine Co., maker of Blue Plate Wines.

Darrell Corti: Chenin blanc loves rich Delta soil on
Excellent video... love Darrell! "The wines from Clarksburg smell of very light honey."

Wine for Women by Leslie Sbrocco on "Seductive Whites"
Excellent book! Fun for all genders. On page 114 she talks about Chenin blanc...

Buy the book

A Vineyard in My Glass By Gerald Asher on "Clarksburg: The Right Grape in the Right Place"
Critic for Gourmet mag, "guide(s) the reader through twenty-seven diverse wine regions in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and California, he shows how every wine worth drinking is a reflection of its terroir." He guides them to Clarksburg! Buy the book

Sunset Magazine: 'Meet the Blancs' - June 2011
"...countless acres of vines were ripped up to make way for our new love, Chardonnay. Now, only a precious few wineries have access to the survivors. Their bottles are worth a search." - Sunset Magazine.

The Death of Chenin Blanc Special to the LA Times - 7/97 by Dan Berger
"You can be in love with a wine, like we are with Chenin," said Krug's owner, Peter Mondavi, "but this is a business."

Food & Wine: "A Grape That Could Use Some (Tough) Love: Chenin Blanc" - August 1, 2011 "But with a little firm discipline... they're a source for crisp, complex—and underrated—white wines."

On the hunt for Chenin Inside Scoop SF Jon Bonné
"Chenin is California’s other, other white grape. Such bottles keep the flame lit, whether in Clarksburg or Coulee de Serrant, and that’s why the Chenin hunt is always on."

Clarksburg: Chenin blanc makes a stand in the Delta Wine & Vines by Tim Patterson
"The best testimonials for Clarksburg Chenin come from wineries in higher-rent parts of the state. David Stare picked up a taste for light, fruity wines in Germany in the late 1960s, and a dry Chenin Blanc was the first wine he made when he founded Dry Creek Vineyard in 1972".


Chenin Blanc Wine Tasting Notes on Epicurean Tasting Room
Wine notes from around the world and a seeming random vintages from 1998 to 2008.

Herzog leads M&A surge for wineries on Pacific Coast Business Times
"Their chenin blanc grapes have been the favorite of his sometimes picky winemakers since the very beginning..."




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