On the Road Day 1 & 2

Day 1 - On the Road
(Viva Espana!)

Arrived in Barcelona after much ado with the air
planes. SFO truely sucks. We got there 1.5 hrs early
and barely made our flight after fighting a long line,
rude counter people and running across the airport.
our plane was on the run way but had to go back to the gate due to problems. got to ny and our flight was delayed another hour. but once we got on iberian
airlines everything was fine.

barcelona is a beautiful city. somewhere in between
italy and france culturally. arrived at 8 am. could
not check into hotel so even though we were very
crusty from almost 24 hrs of travel we hit the road
and did a city tour. we saw much of the city
including the cathederal, the old town, the olympic
sight etc ... after checking in and taking a long
shower and even a longer nap we hit the town again.
luckily we did not have to go far. across the street
from the hotel was a beer festival with lots of beer
and lots of tapas!

next few days we went to the picasso museum, the
ramblas (long pedistrian only street with shops), the
local outdoor farmers market, the gothic quater, mount
of the jews, sagrada famila church, parc guell.
gaudi the architect owns this town. his style uses a
lot of primary colors and strange shapes. cathy
thinks he was mad, joe just thinks he did a lot of
drugs. either way his stuff is wacky.

cathy said she hates the women because¨they have small
waists and big tits. joe then adds "and the best
butts in all of europe, oh but i haven´t really
noticed!" scratch, slap punch.

cathy is shoping till she´s dropping. we may need to
buy another airline ticket for all the shoes. joe has
been taking photos like crazy but then discovered the
camera he had been using is not working.
today we sold out and ate at the hard rock cafe.
tomorrow we´re off to mallorca the island south of

Day 2 -On the Road

(lifestyles of the rich and famous)

cathy worked her usual magic and managed to get us a
killer rate at marriott´s brand new 5 star resort on
the exotic island of mallorca. the rate is normally
$250 a night but we paid only $86 (including

this place was very nice. big room, down comforter
and pillows, oak furniture, marble tiled bathroom,
private balcony with a view of the pool and one of
their two (yes two) golf courses. as we sat outside enjoying our dinner while being serenaded i say to cathy "even if we won lotto it wouldn´t get any better than this moment"

mallorca is a beautiful island off the east coast of
spain. many celebs, such as micheal douglas and
catherine zeta jones, have villas here. the coast
line in the mountain area is only rivaled by our own
coast along hwy 1. mallorca is europe´s most popular
vacation destination. sort of like our hawaii.
while on the island joe got over his fear of driving
in a foreign country. we rented a car (right at the
resort) and took of to explore.

we visited a pearl factory (yes cathy bought pearls,
and joe bought more pearls for cathy), found the best
restaurant (4 large courses, very high end food for
$20 a person), went to an underground cave called
cueva del drac. this cave has a lake in it. after
about 20 minutes of walking to a cave we arrive at an
auditorium (still in the cave) with a lake in front.
the lights were dimmed (except for the lights
underwater) and three row boats came out. the boats
had a quartet and we were treated to a classical music
concert. very romantic. afterwards we were able to
get in the boats for a short ride on the lake.

in the city of palma we visted a castle (a first for
joe) and had lunch. joe had lobster (also a first).
two german girls kept wathcing joe eat. we could not
understand why. then they politely asked us "how do
we peal this shrimp". apparently they do noteat a lot
of shell fish in germany.

after that we explored the north west coast of the
island which is world famous for it´s coast.
then we headed for madrid.
that´s it for now.


NEXT - Day 3

Joe and Cathy

These letters were received by email from 7/8/2001 - 7/16/2001.