Sacramento has been a top cycling city since the 1890's (before the car).
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    In the late 1880's and Nineties (soon after the bicycle was invented), Sacramento had one of the most thriving bicycle cultures anywhere in the world. Indeed, few people know that there has been a bicycle trail from Sacramento to Folsom since 1896.

    The GS Capital City Wheelmen is dedicated to uncovering Sacramento's nineteenth century bicycle history. We are interested in becoming a key resource for Sacramento's early bike history and obtaining any and all information: photos, routes, diaries, equipment, bicycles in order to build a resource library that could become a complete exhibition or essay.

    Please contact us to add to, or join, our GS: or

    The Capital City Wheelmen organized with the League of American Wheelmen on June 26th, 1896.

    There has been a bike path to Folsom since 1896. It was not 'our Parkway path' and could not cross the river (at Guy West) and was built with wood planks.

    The path started at 31st & J Street and was paid for by $1 from each member of the Capital City Wheelmen and when funds ran out, Folsom rallied to fund the rest.

    What is now Boulevard Park (Union Park) used to be the Fairgrounds and used to host bicycle races (a velodrome) and huge crowds.

    In 1893, Sacramento held the state meet at Union Park 22nd and G Streets and wheelmen from Oakland, Fresno, San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles competed. The Capital City Wheelmen won 6 of the 8 events.

    In 1891, the Capital City Wheelmen went to the annual July 4th races in Stockton and defeated the Stockton Oak Leaf Wheelmen before 1500 fans in the 3 mile event for 'ordinaries'.

    1892, the Capital City Wheelmen raced the Stockton Oak Leaf Wheelmen, 5 man relay team race from Sacramento to Stockton, each to their hometown with the other city's daily newspaper. Sacramento won the 52 mile race in 3 hours 9 minutes with Stockton arriving home eleven minutes later. Tailwinds were protested!

    The Second annual Stockton-Sacramento relay race was a round trip affair, 104 miles. Stockton won the race in six hours and eight and one-half minutes. Sacramento, 12 minutes behind, had to wait for a herd of cattle to pass...


    Union Park
    Our first and foremost resource: "Golden Notes" Sacramento County Historical Society, June 1971 by M. Beth Fulton. Many of the facts we have are from her 14-page golden notebook.

    "The Capital City Wheelmen"
    by William Burg in Golden Nuggets - Sacramento County Historical Society - 4/19/2010 - (page 3)

    CAPITAL CITY WHEELMEN "By 1887, bicycles were present in numbers that caused the organization of clubs such as the "Capitol City Wheelmen." Groups like the Wheelmen focused on the bicycle as transportation, and sport, and as a contributor to recreation and leisure adventures. They coordinated with other groups and lobbied for improvements that led to a paved road from Sacramento to Folsom suitable for bicycle excursions. The Wheelmen were by the end of the 19th century, able to push the "Good Roads" movement and influence the shape of the State's early highway plans." -

    March 30, 1896, members of the Capital City Wheelmen, a bicycle club, voted to build a bicycle path from Sacramento to the City of Folsom. Each member was assessed $1.00, and Sacramento merchants and citizens donated $900.00 to begin the path’s construction. Five hundred cyclists rode the first section of the path on April 12, 1896. - Sac Parks Flier

    Sac Old City Association - Home Tour 2009 - Photo of Union-Park. Bicycle Race.

    Bike Racing in Union Park (Boulevard Park) from Midtown Monthly