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GRAS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

...growing a sustainable food community

• Water Watch - With CA low on water again, it is important to bring water awareness to restaurant practices and patrons. Let's Be Waterwise!

Sacramento Food Waste Collection Program - GRAS is expanding its current kitchen scraps/organic waste collection program to include all the Farm to Fork restaurants. We hope to lead the way in Mayor Johnson's waste diversion efforts. Contact for participation.

GRAS is working to sustain the fertile soils of our Farm-to-Fork Capital by completing the food-cycle: Farm-to-Table/Table-to-Farm.

• Clarksburg Chenin blanc
, the Sacramento Region's Signature white wine? More Info: A Case for Chenin

• Zero-Waste Events Program
- Let GRAS help green your event. GRAS Zero Waste Brochure

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